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I relate to Combeferre too much


today was the fall festival and i couldn’t help but doing a low key costume, so i went as audrey horne! i felt super weird taking pics without my glasses but they look a little log lady-ish so that’s a no go. her mark is actually on the right side too but the camera flipped it so

i had all of her clothes except the skirt which i got a goodwill for two bucks and just had to shorten up. i made the heart pin and i got the other one and nail decals off etsy. i thought the nails added a spooky element :))


Hell yeah, I’m designing for AAW this year.

Step 1: Save that date.

Step 2: Pretend this image is a hot potato and share it all over the place.


things i need u to please know right now:

  • bad days don’t last forever
  • napping is never a crime
  • all the cells in ur body are working so hard to keep u healthy and happy and they love u very much
  • also dogs, they love u very much
  • instant hot chocolate takes 2 minutes to make and requires no culinary expertise please indulge urself
  • u are a part of this world 
  • and a very important part
  • don’t doubt that for a single second
Why is it that you freak out at the idea of fingering? I didn’t put that prostate in you, Jesus Christ did and I’m sure he had a good goddamn reason, buck the hell up.
Actual conversation between two straight guys at my bar tonight (via trickwolves)